A blog for Daddies and Mommies, and Little Girls and Boys to learn about, and explore, the wonderful and enchanting lifestyle of the DDLG dynamic and BDSM.

Having spent a number of years exploring all things BDSM, I found this nurturing, loving, and unique dynamic felt most natural.  However, the lack of information and oriented communities appeared to be lacking.  We decided to create our own special place on the internet for those wishing to explore the lifestyle to come and join us.

Who We Are?


We are Daddy and Kitten!

Kitten is new to the lifestyle and is loving exploring her little side and discovering herself.  She enjoys being held by her Daddy, all things Disney, baking, colouring, dancing, and being spanked for her brattiness!

Daddy is strong and caring with touches of a disciplinarian. He is a good teacher, and he loves his dirty little kitten. He is good at making her feel good about herself and making sure she never feels unloved. He likes being in control, and although he spanks her for her brattiness he secretly likes it.